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Panic is just the acknowledgement that your going to die ! 


The Gallery » 


Welcome to the gallery


This is where you will see works of art from anyone that wants to display what they have drawn.


To start the gallery off I have put three versions of a drawing that I myself done many moons ago when I was just a kid. I still had it lying around so I thought I would put it on here to start the gallery off.


It doesn’t matter if I know you or not, if you want to display your art work on here then feel free to email a photo or scanned copy of it to me. Simply click on the contact us section and let me know what you want to do and i will arrange for you to send in the pictures.

I will be more than happy to upload your art work to the site.


For obvious reasons all pictures will be screened before they are uploaded.


Don’t send anything that has a copyright as if this is found out it will be removed and you will no longer be allowed to upload your artwork.


What we are trying to do is create a fun place where you can display your own personal works of art.



The Gallery »

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kakshi from naruto x Naruto and Luv  Vampire Knight
Momo Rosalie & Alice Devil
Bio-Chick-1 Bio-Chick-2


Nude-Angel-1 Nude-Angel-2


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