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I have a scary question: Is it me or my reflection?
Now here's a scarier one: Is there even a difference anymore?


News flash Archive 

The truth is out there - somewhere yet to be discovered. Maybe


Welcome to the archive.

this is where you will find all there wierd and wonderful stories of strange and unbelievable things that have been descovered. Now not all the stories will be accurate or even based on fact but We thought it would be fun and interesting to do.

if you have any fun stories that could be a news flash and you would like to share please fill in the contact us form and we will be happy to post your story on the site. but please dont send anything to rude or offensive as these stories will not be posted.

thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy the stories.



News flash #1 -Alien Eggs discovered 

(writen by Sandman - 01/06/09)


News flash #2 -Flying car spotted

(writen by Sandman - 01/06/09)


News flash #3 -Recent heat wave kills millions

(writen by Sandman - 16/06/09)


News flash #4 -UFO Spotted in Paisley

(writen by Sandman - 28/07/09)


News flash #5 -Giant Spider Found in Paisley

(writen by Sandman - 04/10/09)


News flash #6 -Els's go on strike

(writen by Sandman - 13/12/09)

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